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FlyMotion Media S1000 custom case now available!

The title says it all! Shop now to get awesome deals on the FlyMotion Media custom MILSPEC S1000 case! 

The experts at FlyMotion Media have truly raised the bar in drone protection and transportability with their quality craftsmanship. The S1000 case uses top of the line Pelican brand casing constructed from high quality polypropylene. As a result, your S1000 case is water tight, crushproof, and dust proof. It also includes an automatic pressure equalization valve and stainless steel hardware with padlock protectors. This S1000 case keeps your expensive drone so secure that even mother nature herself can't get her hands on it!  

And lets not forget to mention, this baby is MILSPEC. That's "military-specification" for those of you that never spent time in the service like Russ and I did. That means this case has been put to the test and certified for use by the US Department of Defense. According to the folks over at Pelican, this S1000 case can withstand submersion at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes, and handle a temperature range of -20 to 55 degrees celsius (That's -4F to 131F for you Americans ;)

Not only is the top of the line S1000 case a steal at $849, but I went to bat with UPS for you, the consumer, to negotiate a way better deal on shipping than the competition is offering. Look no farther than California Drone Supply to get your hands on the best S1000 case in the business - and pay less to get it! Order now at www.cadronesupply.com

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