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FlyMotion Media premium mil-spec S900 case now available for pre-order!!

California Drone Supply is proud to announce that we are the first west coast retailer to carry the premium mil-spec S900 case from the experts at FlyMotion Media!

The guys over at FlyMotion Media have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on their superbly designed and manufactured S900 case. The assembly line is finally cranking and we are now accepting pre-orders for the first batch! Expected ship date is 9/29/2014.

Like their S1000 case, the FlyMotion Media S900 case is THE go-to solution for protecting and transporting your S900 rig. We’re talking sturdy Pelican 0370 casing with 2.6lb high-density mil-spec foam (no cheap egg crate foam here); stainless steel spars and lock rings to keep nosey children from prying it open for a peek; and thanks to a lid that seals watertight, you even have the option to take your S900 case on a quick shallow water dive if you’re feeling froggy! (Please send me the video if you give the latter a try)

Be the first in your club to get your hands on the FlyMotion Media S900 case. You paid HOW much for that rig!? Keep it fresh when you’re not yanking and banking your way through the danger zone like Maverick and Goose! Speaking of clubs… are you in one? Contact me and lets talk about a group buy for you and your fellow S900 enthusiasts. This offer WILL expire and I will only entertain the first group that reaches out. Consider this your reward for reading this entire post ;)

Order now at http://www.cadronesupply.com

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